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Funancial Freedom

Funancial Freedom
  1. Funancial Freedom Ambassador
    £ 997 * SAVE £2000 DOOR PRICE £2997

    FUNancial Ambassador

    Includes EVERYTHING in the FUNdamentals plan. Plus...

    ✔️ The ability to promote FUNancial as an AMBASSADOR

    ✔️ Access to promote free + shipping Book Offers

    ✔️ Access to promote FUNancial $297 & $997 WEBINAR OFFERS

    ✔️ Exact Funnel TEMPLATES to use

    ✔️ Access to promote INTERNATIONAL versions of FUNancial Freedom

    ✔️ Facebook Ad TEMPLATES that FUNancial use to promote

    ✔️ Personalized INTRO VIDEOS from Paul & Chris for your webinar

    ✔️ Monthly LIVE training on how to grow your ambassador business

    ✔️ After €50,000 in revenue your OWN FF animated CHARACTER created

    ✔️ And more....

  2. Funancial Freedom Fundamentals
    £ 347 * SAVE £450 DOOR PRICE £797

    FUNancial FUNdamentals

    ✔️ L.E.A.P. Membership Site Access for 7-13 year olds - all animated

    ✔️ LEARN: Teaching the basics of how money topics work

    ✔️ EARN: Step by Step guidance on how to create and scale 12+ separate income streams

    ✔️ ACCELERATE: Teaching how to save, compound and invest money

    ✔️ PLAY: How to impact positively on the planet and help others

    ✔️ JEDI Model: How not to depend on a job for a living - Financial Freedom for Life

    You will also have access to the following:

    • Training videos for PARENTS to guide and support

    • Digital copy of "Rethink Money for Children & Teens" BOOK

    • Access to gamified APP for FUNancial

    • Once successful, guest invite to FUNancial PODCAST

    • Step by Step PLAYBOOK guidebooks on earning income streams

    • Goal  Setting & Vision Boards PLANNERS

    • LEAP Membership Site Access for 14-19 year olds

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